Why Charlie Gard’s Case is a Cautionary Tale

Charlie and his parents. Photo credit Press Association.

The case of Charlie Gard is not a complex bioethics case study.  Besides the fact that he is a human being, not a case study, it is an egregious example of government overreach.  I would even consider the possibility that there is a coverup involved.  Intelligent people can disagree on when it’s appropriate to pull the plug on a seriously ill person who isn’t able to vocalize their wishes.  I personally would argue, heatedly, that care isn’t futile if all treatment options haven’t been exhausted, and in this case they haven’t.  However, to me, the fact that bioethics experts disagree on this point is disheartening, but it’s not the primary issue here.  The primary issue is that the state is allowed to determine that an innocent child must die, and his parents’ wishes are irrelevant.  And this isn’t in some third world dictatorship.  It’s Britain.  An advanced Western society that claims to support human rights worldwide. Continue reading “Why Charlie Gard’s Case is a Cautionary Tale”

Do You Know What You’d Do? 4 Emergency Scenarios Parents Need To Be Prepared For

computer and notebook
Preparing beforehand can be the key to surviving one of these emergencies!

Please know this post is not intended to scare anyone.  I strongly believe that discussing emergency scenarios such as these is important because in many cases, having a plan can save your life and the lives of your family members.  These scenarios are rare and statistically very unlikely to happen to you, so please don’t lose sleep.  But do think about it and talk about it.  It is my hope that you’ll actually feel more comfortable, knowing you’ve taken steps to reduce your risk.  With that in mind, in this post we’ll look at four dangerous and scary emergency scenarios that families might encounter, and how to mentally prepare ahead of time to give you and your family the best chance for survival.   Continue reading “Do You Know What You’d Do? 4 Emergency Scenarios Parents Need To Be Prepared For”