5 Super Simple Steps To Cut Toxins From Your Home

2 girls in pajamas
Safer jammies are a great way to reduce toxin exposure! Read on for details.

Every day we see another article telling us that such-and-such substance causes cancer.  It can be overwhelming!  It’s often hard to know what’s a true threat, and implementing recommendations like “don’t ever touch any plastic again” can be impractical and unrealistic, not to mention expensive.  In this post I’ll walk you through five simple and affordable (several are free!) ways to reduce toxin exposure for your entire family, making your house healthier and safer.

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How to Pick a Safe Sunscreen for Your Family

Some situations require sunscreen because it is too hot, or impractical, to wear hats and long sleeves.

Spring is here! As spring and summer arrive, we all start to spend more time outdoors. That’s wonderful, especially with all the benefits that outdoor time brings. However, if you’re spending any significant time in the sun, you’ll need some protection, and finding a good sunscreen is hard enough without having to worry about toxic chemicals. In this post I’ll break down the basics you need to know to pick a safe sunscreen you can feel good about! Continue reading “How to Pick a Safe Sunscreen for Your Family”