What Happened to the Zika Virus? And Can I Take My Baby to Latin America?

Zika virus is spread by two types of mosquitos.

Last year, it seemed like the Zika virus was in the news daily.  At least it seemed that way to me, as I was pregnant and thus at risk for having a baby with birth defects if I contracted it.  Luckily, the virus did not hit the United States the way some models predicted it might.  And while I don’t want to belittle the experience of those who did contract it, most US mamas and babies survived the scare without incident save for a few areas of Florida and Texas.  But since then, we haven’t heard much about Zika.  Is the epidemic over?  Should pregnant women still avoid travel to Zika areas? What about young children?  In this article I will bring you up to speed on the latest regarding this somewhat unusual epidemic. Continue reading “What Happened to the Zika Virus? And Can I Take My Baby to Latin America?”

Must-Have Travel Gear for Adventure Mamas

Author and son
Sporting my adventure bag and all-purpose sneakers in Mexico City!

Alright mamas, last time we talked about serious things like fires and intruders, so today let’s have some fun!  As moms we spend a lot of time figuring out how to properly dress the kids for our adventures and travels, and securing the right kid gear to make things easier.  That’s great of course, but let’s not forget about Mom! Having a few really versatile pieces can make packing up your own stuff so much easier.  It’ll also allow you to go about your activities without worrying if you have the right shoes for an impromptu hike or a cute enough shirt to hit that ever-so-slightly-more-upscale restaurant for dinner (not that anyone cares when you show at 5pm with small kids in tow, but moving on!).  Read on for my favorite must-have travel gear for adventure mamas!  Continue reading “Must-Have Travel Gear for Adventure Mamas”

Do You Know What You’d Do? 4 Emergency Scenarios Parents Need To Be Prepared For

computer and notebook
Preparing beforehand can be the key to surviving one of these emergencies!

Please know this post is not intended to scare anyone.  I strongly believe that discussing emergency scenarios such as these is important because in many cases, having a plan can save your life and the lives of your family members.  These scenarios are rare and statistically very unlikely to happen to you, so please don’t lose sleep.  But do think about it and talk about it.  It is my hope that you’ll actually feel more comfortable, knowing you’ve taken steps to reduce your risk.  With that in mind, in this post we’ll look at four dangerous and scary emergency scenarios that families might encounter, and how to mentally prepare ahead of time to give you and your family the best chance for survival.   Continue reading “Do You Know What You’d Do? 4 Emergency Scenarios Parents Need To Be Prepared For”