5 Super Simple Steps To Cut Toxins From Your Home

2 girls in pajamas
Safer jammies are a great way to reduce toxin exposure! Read on for details.

Every day we see another article telling us that such-and-such substance causes cancer.  It can be overwhelming!  It’s often hard to know what’s a true threat, and implementing recommendations like “don’t ever touch any plastic again” can be impractical and unrealistic, not to mention expensive.  In this post I’ll walk you through five simple and affordable (several are free!) ways to reduce toxin exposure for your entire family, making your house healthier and safer.

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My Crossfit Pregnancy: Workout Modifications

Every pregnant mama is different!

What many don’t realize about Crossfit is that it is possible to modify any workout!  I learned this first hand when I continued to Crossfit while pregnant with my daughter.  This post is pretty technical and specific to Crossfit, so it won’t interest everyone, but I wanted to follow up my previous post on why Crossfit during pregnancy was right for me, with some more details on my workout modifications.  It’s hard to find authoritative information on what’s safe and what’s not.  I can’t claim to have an expert opinion, but I want to share my experience.  In this post I’ll break down what I did, and what I modified or eliminated, in each trimester of my pregnancy.   Crossfit mamas, read on! Continue reading “My Crossfit Pregnancy: Workout Modifications”

Traveling With Kids: Choosing the Best Stroller for Your Trip

Little boy pushing stroller
Bonus win — if your older child will push the younger one!

You planned an awesome trip and it’s time to pack!  You’re cruising along collecting everyone’s stuff when you hit the age old traveling-with-kids question — “do we bring a stroller?” If you have more than one stroller,  the next question is likely “which one?”  The answer of course, depends on where you’re going and what you’re doing.  How much space you have and whether you need the storage bin.  It’s not one size fits all.  Our handy stroller decision chart can help you determine the best stroller for your trip, quickly and easily every time! Continue reading “Traveling With Kids: Choosing the Best Stroller for Your Trip”