How to Pick a Safe Sunscreen for Your Family

Some situations require sunscreen because it is too hot, or impractical, to wear hats and long sleeves.

Spring is here! As spring and summer arrive, we all start to spend more time outdoors. That’s wonderful, especially with all the benefits that outdoor time brings. However, if you’re spending any significant time in the sun, you’ll need some protection, and finding a good sunscreen is hard enough without having to worry about toxic chemicals. In this post I’ll break down the basics you need to know to pick a safe sunscreen you can feel good about! Continue reading “How to Pick a Safe Sunscreen for Your Family”

Amazing Outdoor Play: Six More Powerful Reasons To Play Outside

Boy Looking At Tree
Time spent outside, even on cloudy days, can protect against nearsightedness.

We all know that outdoor play is good for children.  It encourages them to be active, which aids motor development and can help prevent future obesity.  Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for everyone’s mood and help reduce stress.  Safe sun exposure (more on that in a later post) helps make vitamin D.  And the list goes on.  But sometimes, getting outside can be a challenge.  We all have days where we need additional motivation.  Below I’ll talk about six lesser known but equally important reasons to get your munchkins outside, even when you’re not feeling it. Continue reading “Amazing Outdoor Play: Six More Powerful Reasons To Play Outside”